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Paula MacMillan Perich


 Nourishment For Creative Souls

Orientation Day: University Of Notre Dame  FREMANTLE

February 15th, 2023, was Orientation Day for the University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle campus. They had over 300 starting their Freshman year and we kicked it off with an action packed day full of a bunch of activities and events to welcome them to their new university campus for the next few years. 

Great food, cool tunes pumping from the VW Bug Speakers, and entertainment as well as our creative art workshop. Students received their Notre dame T-shirt each and it was out job at Arts Inc., to talk and walk them through the tie-dye process. As students registered, we asked them to decide on their dyeing patterns from a plethora of samples, as we explained the Rainbow Swirl; the Rainbow Stripe, the Bullseye and the Starburst techniques of pinching, swirling, wrapping and binding their creations. After they added their coloured dyes into each section of their shirts they wrapped and bagged their T-shirts to take home, with drying and washing instructions to go. I can't wait to see all the colours around campus this year. 

Arts Inc. Vegan Eco Ink Fabric Dye, is a tried and true dye I have used in my fabric design classes for decades. The Fabric Dye is permanent fabric colour, colourfast, water-based ink and free from nasty chemicals. It is Vegan eco-ink, environmentally friendly, with no CFC's, no HCHC's, no solvents and Phthalate free.

We loved working with UNDA and can't wait to come back again! 

We have Tie-Dyed T-shirts available for purchase in our gallery (with the Notre Dame logo obviously), so if you want to add a bit of colour to your life, come visit us! Check out our next Friday Night  'Hello Fremantle' Sketch & Sculpt events where we will be offering Tie Dyeing, Pot & Paint, Figurative Sculpture, Abstratract Botanicals, Printmaking, Silkscreening and us HERE !

West End Gallery & Studio Fremantle, By Arts Inc.

West End Gallery and Studio Fremantle, is a vibrant community arts space providing courses and recreational workshops for adult and children students.

With four term programs each year, there is a wide variety of courses on offer in the arts and handicrafts as well as wellbeing. Each quarter we run a holiday art camp for children and youth to provide opportunities to learn new skills in a fun and creative working art studio. We offer after school classes for children aged 7-16 years as well. We look forward to welcome everybody into our studio and gallery space.

In late 2022, Arts Inc. launched its new Fremantle, Western Australia Art Space. It is an inspirational space in the heart of Notre dame University in the West End of Fremantle Arts District. We run art classes for the creatively minded. West End by Arts Inc. Centre has two large light-filled rooms with open gallery hanging space, Arts Inc. supplies shop, wash areas, relaxing areas, coffee and tea facilities and free wifi. 

Student classes range from Pre-K (3-5y); Arts Phase One (6-8y); Arts Phase Two (9-12y); Arts Phase 3 (13-15y); to Adult weekly classes, running from 1.5h to 2h classes and 3h weekend workshops. 

Arts Inc. has developed an art Curriculum that integrates the Elements of art and the Principles of Design, to build creative skills for students to work independently and collaboratively, on a wide variety of disciplines and styles. Students are encouraged to appreciate other artists' styles and techniques in a journey to discover their own unique interests and style. Classes have been designed to engage students various creative needs, whether to develop fine art skills, learn techniques, expand ideas, play with multiple materials or to complete personal projects. 

We offer scholarships and internships and can guide you to determine your creative path with a selection of classes at various levels. The Arts Inc. Art Centre has multipurpose spaces with varying equipment for hire for multiple events and presentations. Contact us directly to see current schedules, registration or to get booking details.

West End Art Gallery & Studio Fremantle

Western Australia

No 3/7 Phillimore Street, Corner Cliff Street, Fremantle (Metro Line  5 minutes from Fremantle Station)