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Paula MacMillan Perich

Arts Inc.~ Nourishment For Creative Souls

Creative Art Workshops~

Mixed Media

Fanciful faces

*As advertised in Courier Shanghai Expat Association SEA Magazine 




Learn to create gorgeous faces full of fun and whimsy, with velvet skin tones, soulful eyes and beautiful locks of hair. Discover the latest mixed media techniques and applications of materials. By following easy fundamentals of mapping out the mathematical proportions of a face you will quickly develop your skills in both anatomy and mixed media. With the hands on guidance and personal instruction you will learn to confidently create beautiful illustrated mixed media faces and with practise, discover your own style. Learn tricks and tips to take your creative skill to the next level . 

Fanciful Faces Mixed Media (Part 2) 



Build on your previous creative knowledge of drawing gorgeous faces and combine with a more formal approach to anatomy of the human head, to create another beautiful face with more confidence. Add your own style of quirkiness to your image through colour, collage and facial expression.

ONLINE ART Workshop! Creative Kids Be-ARTY-Ful

Hey Art Lovers,

Does your child have a creative eye for detail and love to make works of art? Are they always bugging you wanting to get the creative box out so they can draw and play with paint and pastels? If so, you are invited to register your child for our mixed media art weekend workshops. Choose from a variety of creative workshops, or bundle them all at a reduced price. Learn to draw and paint Fanciful FACES, and design and print your own hand made stamps. Learn mono-printing techniques using a Gelli-Plate and create your own luciously textured hand collaged Art Journal!

Age group between 8-15y

Weekend workshops will be held at, Fremantle Western Australia.

Creative Painting & Mixed Media Art Workshops:

Full address given to you upon registration through email or WeChat.

Bookings essential.

Please register your child’s details with us, so we can slot them into the appropriate age group and art class.


start your art!

Stamp Making (101):

Turn your hand drawn designs into beautiful stamps to use as borders and repeat patterns in your artwork and sketchbooks. Draw and create your own designs to make your own beautiful stamp. This is an introductory workshop to stamp making which covers a lot of the fundamentals of simple printmaking. Warning: Stamp making uses blades.

Mixed Media Collage: Fanciful FONT & Stencils

Create beautiful mixed media pages. Learn the art of balance, harmony, movement and energy within your artistic compositions by adding texture and interesting collage ephemera, followed by Fanciful Font. Learn the latest techniques of creating beautiful mixed media pages to turn your visual art journal or personal sketchbooks into works of art within themselves.

Materials Required to Bring: Sketchbook plus any collage ephemera (tickets, stamps, printed maps or font etc), plus a holiday quote that you wish to include.

Stamp Making (Carving 102)


Carve your hand made stamp to create a beautiful relief print you can use repeatly to create amazing framework or backgrounds on your pages. This workshop follows on from Stamp Making (Part 1), and builds on printmaking skills to teach you the latest techniques in this wonderful medium.

(Materials Required to Bring:1-2 Stamp pads required for your own use; sketchbook; carving tools; your design (5cmx 5cm clip art or hand drawn).

Dates for your Diaries:

Intuitive Painting

3h Weekly Workshop


Includes (most) materials

What is Intuitive Painting? Well I'm so glad you asked! It is an abstract painting style based on mark-making and letting-go and releasing your fear of painting and allowing your inner-child to return. It is about removing preconceived restrictions and outcomes from your art, and being able to trust your brush marks and finding the creative child within yourself. It is an unrestricted way to build your confidence as an artist. It aims to develop your skills as a painter by revisiting the basic mark-making techniques with reference to the Elements and Principles of Design, and using that knowledge to make informed choices, as well as embracing accidental marks. It looks at symbolism in other cultures and your own personal symbols which you relate to. It is more about the process and allowing yourself permission to paint under experienced tuition.

Draw. Carve. Stamp. Print. Repeat!

Full Day Workshop!

Printmaking 101!

Over the workshop you will create a set of your own unique hand-carved stamps. Repeat print your own designs and patterns over and over in your creative endeavours. Learn the ancient Chinese printmaking process of designing and hand-carving your design, and the techniques of block printing to make your own printed designs. Use your new signature designs to develop your own unique brand and style.

Create a series of stamps which you can print repeatably in all your projects, giving your piece YOUR

YOU-nique look to your creative project. Embrace this skillful technique to enhance your creative adventure.

All materials provided.

Warning: Blades involved. (13y+)

Dates for your Diaries:

Stamp Carving & Surface Design

9:30am-12:30pm 1:30pm-4:30pm 

Bookings Essential : CLICK HERE

ARTS Inc. Workshop

Creative Collaborative Collage!

Wonder. Imagine, Create.

Your Great Creative Art-Venture Awaits!

Think like a child to exercise our lost creative power. Go back in time to fulfill and create like you used to when you were uninhibited, and before you misplaced your creative wonder!

Creating two art works together with your partner is about sharing a treasured creative experience, while collaborating and transforming a flow of collective ideas into something visually new. 

Mother and Child, Family or friend, double act two-day workshop combines a shared love of art and treasured moments together and synchronizes your contagious creative energy. Share the 'entwined heart' love & creative flow with your arty child, spouse, visitor or friend on a personal level! Create not only a great memory together, responding to each others' creative marks, but learn skill building drawing and painting techniques to take into all areas of your creativity!

Gather your varied travel ephemera, tickets, tags, and movie ticket stubs, maps, and labels and other collage images for a more personal piece. Paint, draw, collage, stencil and create following specific guided instruction and jump off points with your hands-on teacher, and create a timeless piece together (or you can just join by yourself).

Your Kit & Kaboodle* supplies you EACH with your own stretched canvas, plus most of the materials needed, although your personal touch comes from your own style and gathered stash. This is so much inspirational fun regaining your uninhibited childhood marks, with so many techniques and ideas to build ongoing ideas. Treasure your unique supply stash by embedding it into your artwork and create ways to share wonderful memories.

Full details on inquiry and materials list sent on registration.

Two-day Two-people collaborative workshop.

Dates for your Diaries:


Saturday & Sunday

Bookings Essential: CLICK HERE

ARTS Inc. Studio

Jin Qiao, Shanghai

Bookings Essential

Paint From The Art: Double Happiness

Let the language of art speak for you, to filter and merge any cultural barriers. Double Happiness is a well known Chinese symbol, and brought to you in a Weekend Workshop. Create a canvas over a full weekend workshop. Paint in a bold expressionistic style, keeping your work fresh and energetic and gather visual imagery and cultural influence from your surrounds. Work in phases to build layers of colour and to capture your iconic imagery using this wonderful carefree painting techniques. Learn to free up your painting techniques by trusting your hand, using intentional creative mark making, against accidental discoveries, and listening to your inner voice. Find creative freedom in this layered painting technique and tap into your intuitive self, to produce an iconic piece. Full details on inquiry and materials list sent on registration. Too much creativity for one weekend! Be still my racing heART!

Dates for your Diaries:

Two-day workshop.


11:30am - 4:30pm

Bookings Essential: CLICK HERE

ARTS Inc. Studio

Studio 11 Fremantle

Bookings Essential.

Phone 0478847025

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