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Paula MacMillan Perich

Arts Inc.~ Nourishment For Creative Souls


Rekindling your first love - ART!

Foundation Art (Adult), is a weekly class face-to face for beginners and intermediate creatives wishing to rekindle their love of art. Foundation Art takes you through the elements of art and the principles of design so you can be better informed in decision making within your art. Through practical art making you will enhance your creative confidence, observational skills and develop your technical skills. 

This class is a lot of fun and a wonderful outlet for those wishing to dabble or to fully submerge themselves back into their art.

ARTS INC. introductory kits are provided on registration and you will be encouraged to build upon your own art supplies. Basics like pencils, coloured pencils, brushes, water colours, oil pastels are basic materials to get you started.

Students love Foundation Art class because they are gently encouraged to try new techniques and mediums in a non-threatening atmosphere, and have that accomplished feeling of being part of the art!