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Paula MacMillan Perich

Arts Inc.~ Nourishment For Creative Souls


ARTS Inc. Art PhaseThree (13-18y)


Art Phase Three (13-18y) Is your art enthusiast, or senior student looking to extend their time creating but not sure how, what or where? Are they overwhelmed with art history yet at the same time fascinated with the masters? AP3 focuses on the needs of the artist, and immerses your child into the self-discovery of their emerging ability. We encourage this age to make more specific decisions based on skills and knowledge learned and artworks become more personal. Students are still encouraged to experiment with techniques taught and various mediums explored, but have more individual input and control on their subject in relation to their specific critical and historical art studies. This class can be tailor made in a 1:1 individual session for senior art students wishing to receive guidance on school based art programs or recreational art projects, or group classes are available Tuesday, 2h 4:00pm-6:00pm.

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