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Paula MacMillan Perich

Arts Inc.~ Nourishment For Creative Souls


ARTS Inc. Art PhaseTwo (9-12y)


Children's Art Classes

Does your child have a creative eye for detail & love to make works of art? Are they always bugging you to get the messy craft box out so they can play around with paint? If so then you are invited to register your child for Art Phase Two (9-12y), after school art Classes with experienced teacher & artist, Paula MacMillan-Perich.

 Art PhaseTwo: Art Phase Two (9-12y) students can be expected to be immersed in a variety of mediums, as we apply skills learned to combine the elements of design with the principles of design. Students are encouraged to confidently experience art making through guided experimentation. Young artists are exposed to the joys of painting and drawing, as well as other mediums, allowing them to make their own decisions and experience art through discovery, rather than predetermined outcomes and worksheets. Students learn to control their own artworks and begin to confidently work to develop their independence. Monday 4:00pm-6:00pm

 These 2 hour classes cater for specific age groups and are divided up accordingly, by age, and ability. Children are guided through the elements and principles of design with hands on creative activities, in a variety of art techniques & mediums. These classes are currently running after school Mondays. All material Kit & Kaboodles* provided weekly with a one time only materials fee (OTO $40/200rmb). Currently we have a few spaces available in all areas, but please register early to secure your place, as places are limited!






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